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The Prignitz

The Prignitz. This makes our case.


An innovative industrial location. With a long tradition.

The exceptional location of this innovative and historical industrial hub – Singer sewing machines were once manufactured here for all of Europe – combines space for economic development with a natural environment that is still intact. This is surely one of the reasons why so many suppliers for renowned brands have settled here in recent years.


The highest level of support for business. Combined with a sense of community.

The options for support available to local businesses play a decisive role in the success of the economic region. Furthermore, many of the entrepreneurs who have run businesses in the Prignitz for many years or who settled here recently cite a strong sense of community. Companies, the local government, elected representatives and engaged citizens are working together for the future of the region. Perleberg, Wittenberge and Karstaedt: These three communities, together with the Westprignitz Economic Initiative, form the Prignitz Regional Growth Core – for successful and sustainable business in one of the most beautiful areas of



Strong industries. Strong support for business.

Due to the support provided, the region is particularly attractive to companies from the following industries:

  • Logistics and port services

  • Metals and Railway transportation technology

  • Plastics and chemicals

  • The food industry

  • The energy industry

  • Media and ICT


Qualifications and innovations. The basis for our strong growth.

The Prignitz Technology and Trade Centre (TTC) acts as a central contact point for companies and municipalities. It organises the transfer of technology and knowledge for the entire region.


How well the companies and institutes of higher education work together is also demonstrated by the Prignitz Institute for Thermoanalytics (PIT), which is also housed in the TTC. The institutes of higher education and the companies conduct joint research there.


Industry or commerce. You’ll find the right location.

Top quality office and commercial space is available at moderate prices in the Prignitz. Whether you are looking for attractive new buildings, representative Wilhelminian style villas or centres with integrated office and commercial

use, there is a wide range of options from which to choose. Inexpensive and fully developed industrial and commercial spaces are available to investors for individual use.


The Prignitz. This makes our case.

  • Support for companies of up to 50 percent

  • A prime location between Hamburg and Berlin

  • Inexpensive and immediately

  • available industrial and commercial areas

  • Future tri-modal location with motorway, inland port and rail connections

  • Very low land and trade tax rates

  • Moderate labour costs and qualified specialists

  • Excellent offerings in terms of kindergartens, schools, higher education and training

  • A lively social and cultural life

  • Beautiful, intact nature

A sense of community: We are working together for a successful future!